I’ve arrived at Amed, Bali. It is on the otherside of Gunung Agung mountain..and it’s waters are crystal clear. The moment, I saw the water, my breath immediately deepened and slowed. Without being too cliche, it was like coming home.

Of course, it is our goal to always be peaceful. To bring this sense of calm and bliss with us wherever we go, but it is nice when the world offers it to you.
I’m pretty sure, I must have been a fish, or dolphin or maybe Whale! in one of my past lives… Or maybe a pirate…. Bc the sea always immediately centers me.

And so here I sit, having floated in it’s waters today. Napped in the sun and lapped up the luxuriousness of simply doing nothing.

As I was about to have a small diner at the restaurant at my hotel, two women happened upon me and sweetly offered to have me join them for dinner. They were concerned about me eating by myself. One even asked me why I was here alone. Ha.
I kindly thanked them for their offer (as it truly was coming from compassion) but declined as I explained that I was here alone because I indeed had planned it that way. But promised to see them the next day.

It was a lovely feeling to truly be at peace being alone with myself and not feel the need for distraction. I hope that they had a pleasant dinner. I certainly did.

And now I have the night to write. How lovely….