Forgiveness (can be a real bitch)

September 6, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Forgiveness.  Why is forgiveness so damn hard?  I mean it’s alright as a concept, but the actuality of doing it?  It’s a bitch.  It’s a real bitch. So why do we even bother?  Well, if we don’t practice forgiveness we remain stuck in our past forever: constantly emotionally trapped in & by the moments in … Read More

Releasing our need to be right

July 22, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Who would you be without your opinions,  without your  judgments?  Without the daily assortment of THIS IS GOOD, THIS IS BAD… I would never do that.  Can you believe she did that?  She is good.  She is bad.  THIS is nuts.  THIS is sanity.    We spent our lives and an exorbitant amount of energy … Read More

Love is all there is

July 8, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Love is all there is.  Love is ALL there is. When we are mourning the loss of a loved one, it is because we loved.  And we still love. When we are mourning the loss of a relationship, it is because we loved. When we are mourning the loss of a part of ourselves, it … Read More

Catching ourselves

March 22, 2011By elisjamisonBeing Present, Create, Goals, intentions, Lessons, Life, lucid dreaming, Mindfulness, Misperceptions, mistakes, realization, self awareness, self love, self sabotage

So this is the deal.  We know that we have bad habits.  We sometimes even know what they are. But often, we have no idea we are getting in our way, in the exact moment that we are getting in our way! We realize that we somehow never arrive at our destination but we can’t … Read More