July 13, 2014By elisjamisonBuddha, Buddhism, cancer, Death, Dreams, Film, Filmmaking, Gratitude, Grief, Kickstarter, Movies, organdonation, OrganDonor, Prayer, Production

So I’ve been working/developing a film called FALLING TO PIECES.  We just launched a Kickstarter campaign and plan to complete production by the e/o August… The story is about a young widow who seeks out her dead husband’s organ recipients and each meeting is more disastrous than the last. I specifically wanted to work on … Read More

Our only gift

November 15, 2010By elisjamisonDeath, Life, Love, miracle, Mourning, Suicide

There has been a lot of pain in my life over the past few years with an especially hard summer in which I experienced the loss of loved ones due to complications of life and the ultimate simplicity of death. There was so much death in my life this summer that my therapist reflected to … Read More

Finding my Father

October 12, 2010By elisjamisonBuddhism, Death, Dying, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mourning, Parkinson's Disease, Plum Village, Sangha, Spirituality, Thich Nhat Hanh 2 Comments

As I end the retreat and begin the second part of this journey, it is clear to me that this trip and this internal/external exploration has been about my relationship with my father: Letting go of my father and finding myself and finding my father and letting go of myself. Yesterday, I was listening to … Read More

For my father

August 1, 2010By elisjamisonAnniversary, Dad, Death, Father 1 Comment

You were my idol You were my heart You were my sunshine You were my worry You were my pain You were my frustration You were my compass You were my guide You were my anger You were my best friend You were my headache You were my laughter You were my tears You were … Read More

Miracles within our reach

December 1, 2009By elisjamisonDeath, depression, Grief, Marianne Williamson, Meditation, miracle, Mourning, Peace, Prayer, Release, Spirituality, struggle

I’ve had a few really hard days. Difficult. Sad. Grief Stricken. I was really struggling: struggling with the holidays.  Struggling with my father’s death. Struggling with my anger and resentment. Struggling with my guilt because I had anger and resentment. I was depressed, sad and numb.  I felt really bad in every way.  The world, … Read More

When the pain is real

August 19, 2009By elisjamisonDeath, Dying, Grief, Healing, Mourning, Pain 1 Comment

So the question is, ‘What do we do when the pain is real & overwhelming?’ I’m not saying that we don’t all feel real pain but sometimes, it can be pretty profound : the loss of a loved one, either through divorce, betrayal or death; sickness, economic loss. How can we be happy during these … Read More