The Wisdom is in the Practice

December 13, 2012By elisjamisonAbundance, anxiety, depression, ego, Epiphany, Fear, Goals, Gratitude, Grief, Happiness Project, meditate, Meditation, negative patterns, Peace, Practice, Spirituality, Success, Suffering, Transformation

–> How do you get to Carnegie hall?  Practice, Practice, Practice.  How do you find peace, happiness & joy?  Practice, Practice, Practice. The wisdom is in the practice.   Most of us pine for the day when we won’t be at the effect of the world: when we will float effortlessly, painlessly, peacefully, joyously through life.  … Read More

Striving for perfection and throwing ourselves under the bus…

December 2, 2010By elisjamisoncompassion, ego, Failure, letting go, perfection, perfectionism, Perspective, risks, self awareness, self love, self sabotage, unhappiness

Life is inelegant and clumsy and sometimes so are we. It is an improvised dance and often it’s spectacular in it’s ease and grace but just as often, we can trip and fall smack down on our faces.  Life is definitely an equal opportunity provider… a graceful dance and a face plant in the mud,  … Read More