Our Valentine’s Problem

February 15, 2015By elisjamisonUncategorized

I think deep down everyone kind of hates Valentine’s Day.  From when we were little kids, sweating the possibility of rejection from our crush & hoping that we would get as many valentine’s as we gave, to adults who no matter what we do, always feels like we are chasing our elusive tails. It seems … Read More

Happy Birthday Pops

April 25, 2013By elisjamisonUncategorized

Happy birthday to my father.  Every year since his death, my father’s birthday makes me sad as he is no longer here to celebrate.  And I used to love to call him and tease him mercilessly on his birthday… I’d sing off-key and he’d pretend to need to get off the phone and we’d laugh … Read More

Not alone in your loneliness

February 2, 2012By elisjamisonUncategorized

When you feel completely alone, you can be sure that there are millions (billions) of people in the world that feel exactly as you do right now.  Isn’t that a relief?  You are  not alone in your loneliness. Ironic but true.  As singular as each and every one of us is, we are also universal. … Read More


January 23, 2012By elisjamisonUncategorized

I’ve had anxiety on my mind (or in my mind) for the last few weeks.  It seems to be a pervasive theme amongst my friends.  A joking Facebook quote about the negative impact of coffee on mild anxiety brought everyone out of the woodwork expressing empathy.  Yes, they have anxiety too and lots of it. … Read More

Forgiveness (can be a real bitch)

September 6, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Forgiveness.  Why is forgiveness so damn hard?  I mean it’s alright as a concept, but the actuality of doing it?  It’s a bitch.  It’s a real bitch. So why do we even bother?  Well, if we don’t practice forgiveness we remain stuck in our past forever: constantly emotionally trapped in & by the moments in … Read More

Releasing our need to be right

July 22, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Who would you be without your opinions,  without your  judgments?  Without the daily assortment of THIS IS GOOD, THIS IS BAD… I would never do that.  Can you believe she did that?  She is good.  She is bad.  THIS is nuts.  THIS is sanity.    We spent our lives and an exorbitant amount of energy … Read More

Love is all there is

July 8, 2011By elisjamisonUncategorized

Love is all there is.  Love is ALL there is. When we are mourning the loss of a loved one, it is because we loved.  And we still love. When we are mourning the loss of a relationship, it is because we loved. When we are mourning the loss of a part of ourselves, it … Read More

Alone but not lonely

October 18, 2010By elisjamisonUncategorized

    I’ve arrived at Amed, Bali. It is on the otherside of Gunung Agung mountain..and it’s waters are crystal clear. The moment, I saw the water, my breath immediately deepened and slowed. Without being too cliche, it was like coming home. Of course, it is our goal to always be peaceful. To bring this … Read More


October 1, 2010By elisjamisonUncategorized

Just a quick note.  These are not posted in real time unfortunately, as we have just gotten wireless at the retreat facility and it is quirky at best, so I’m bit backlogged….  Hopefully, I’ll catch up at some point. 🙂 Tuesday Sept 28 I traveled to downtown Bogor today with my new friend, Vivian.  It … Read More